3 Ways to Make Office Space At Home

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Whichever type of business you run out of your home, it’s important to have a dedicated office space that matches the nature of your work. If you regularly meet with clients, vendors, or patients, for instance, you may need a private office space with a separate waiting room and entrance to your home. If you spend the bulk of your day working at a desk, a small office space with a reliable computer, telephone, and internet connection should suffice.

While finding the right space for your home-based business can be tricky, there are three possible options to consider. As one option, you could work with Olga Rubio of RE/MAX Metro to find a larger home with more space for your home-based business needs. As an alternative to buying a new home, you could build onto your current house — or convert a spare room, loft, or closet into an office. Read on to learn more about these three great options!

1. Buy a Larger Home
If you’re short on living space, don’t have a spare bedroom, closet, or loft that can be converted into an office, or you need an office with plenty of room and privacy, your best option may be to buy a larger house that accommodates your personal and professional needs. Before purchasing a house with space for your home-based business, however, be sure to complete the following steps:

 Set a realistic home budget.
Pre-apply for a home mortgage.
Work with Olga Rubio of RE/MAX Metro to assist you in selling your current home and buying a new one.

2. Build a Home Addition
If you’re not ready to leave your current home and neighborhood — or if buying a new house isn’t the right choice for you — you could build a home office addition. Thumbtack has a helpful room addition cost calculator on its website, but you can expect to spend anywhere from $10,000- to- $80,000 depending on how much space you’re adding and the area in which you live. Additionally, you’ll want to keep IRS requirements in mind to ensure that you’ll qualify for the home office deduction at tax time.

3. Work With What You Have
As a third option, you could convert any unused space into a stylish home office — even if you’ve only got a spare closet, hallway, corner, or wall to work with. With the right furniture and decor, just about any area can be converted into an office space.

In the event that you do need to meet a client in the future, the Work at Home Woman recommends meeting at a coffee shop, restaurant, hotel conference room, city hall, or public library. Amid COVID-19, however, meeting via Skype or Zoom could be your best options.

Stock up on Office Essentials
Whether you convert a room, build an office addition, or buy a new house altogether, it’s important to stock up on everything you’ll need to run your home-based business smoothly and cost-effectively. While some home office essentials include storage space, good lighting, and a comfortable desk and office chair, you'll also need a reliable phone and internet service in order to get your work done quickly and efficiently. However, you’ll want to compare several phone and internet service providers before making a decision.

If you’re looking for an internet service that reduces lag time and delivers lightning-fast speeds as you work online, Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband could be the right option for you. Now available in Houston, this lightning-fast network offers typical speeds of between 300 Mbps and nearly 1 Gbps in some service areas. As for phone service providers, however, some of the best options for small businesses include RingCentral and Ooma Office.

After obtaining the tools, services, and supplies you’ll need to run your home-based business, you’ll finally be ready to enjoy your new office space! Amidst COVID-19, there’s no better time to work from home — and the right office space will help you to do it as efficiently and productively as possible.

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