Olga Rubio

Olga Rubio

(713) 598-0128
RE/MAX Metro
2626 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77098

I am originally from Cuba and came to this country with my husband and son in 1979 looking for freedom and to save my son from living in an oppressed country.  I have been married for 41 years and give thanks everyday for living in this amazing country.

Before becoming a Realtor, I had the opportunity to work for two major airlines where customer service was essential.  During almost 25 years in the airline industry I learned how important customer service is to a client and, how important is to become a fast problem solver.  

After I meet my clients I strive on helping them 100% sometimes even going out of my way.  I enjoy talking to people and always have an ear to listen to their questions and worries.  I am patient and don't rush my clients to make fast decisions that they may regret later.  Because I have been able to travel all around the world I have also learned about different cultures and how to address customers from other cultures.